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EnVision Design Services

From floor plans to photo-realistic renders, our team provides a robust service list to help bring your project from a sketch to a fully realized design. 

design documents

We provide design documents that include the specifications required to ensure that the business and technical requirements of the design are satisfied.  

floor plans

We create detailed and precise floor plans for your project. 


Our elevation service provides an orthographic projection of each side of your building, showing you the finished appearance of your build along with the furnish vertical height dimensions. 

3d renderings

Our team of skilled architects create highly detailed photo representations of what your project will look like. 

video tour journey

Want a more in-depth look? Our Video Journey Service brings your project to life, helping you to visualize the final build like never before. 

360 virtual tour

Our 360 virtual tour service provides an interactive look at your new build. 

construction documents

Our construction documents services provides plans, specifications, approved change orders, revisions, addenda and other information approved by the County for your build. 



joinery details

Our joinery detail service provides a comprehensive breakdown for how the timber pieces will fit together on your build. 

structural engineering

Our structural engineering service focuses on the framework of your structure, being careful to take into account the potential stresses of the environment that it is being built in. 

structural calculations

The structural calculation service provides detailed instructions on the projects foundation, materials required, structural works, supporting walls, measurements, beams, joists, rafters and much more.

shop drawings

Our shop drawing service is the visual component to our design documents, explaining the installation of your build to the installation crew. 

Photorealistic Renderings & Clay Modeling

Our photorealistic renderings service provides a picture perfect look at what the final build will look like. 

Digital Exterior & Interior Design

Need help decorating? Our digital interior and exterior service helps you decorate your new build after our team finishes the installation. 

cnc programming

Our CNC Programming service  allows our team to make precise cuts for each of your builds timber frame pieces, ensuring that the final product fits together perfectly.

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